We finance, down payment starting as low as $700



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We at Lawson’s Auto Center, Inc. are here to help get you financed. We believe everyone has the right to have transportation and our goal is to place drivers in cars. Our company will finance your vehicle as long as you have a valid Georgia driver’s license, have a down payment of $799.00 (and up), and can make your payments monthly or bi-weekly . If you meet these requirements then we can meet your transportation needs.

We will finance your vehicle at a fair interest rate and at the fair market value (as can be found in Kelly Blue Book). You will be asked to furnish at least three references with current telephone numbers. So walk in with a valid Georgia driver’s license, a down payment, valid phone number, proof of income and references and we can have you riding in your own vehicle in a matter of minutes. Please complete the application below and we can have the paperwork done and ready. All you would need to do is take a test drive, sign your paperwork, and ride home in your new car.

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